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Impex Pulveriser

PVS 300 MM Pulveriser Machine
are specially design for paint & disperse dyes industries. Mill is constructed of S.S. material having high speed stirrer capacity uniformly which gives better results with less maintenance.
Size : 300 (12")
Capacity : 60kgs to 100kgs/hr.
Motor : 7.5HPx1440 R.P.M.3 PHASH
Application : Dyes, Foods Colours, Dyes Intermediates, Agriculture ltems, Foods , Pigments, Kattha.
Mesh : 60 to 150 mesh (Depends on Materials)
PVS 400 MM Pulveriser Machine
Size : 400 (15")
Capacity : 100kgs to 250kgs/hr
Motor : 12.5HPx1440R.P.M.3Phase
Application : Dyes, Foods Colours, Dyes Intermediates.
Mesh : 60 to 200 mesh (Depends on materials)
PVS 42" Pulveriser Machine
is the of long experience & skilled workmanship. it is available in different size suitable for Pulverising Dyes, Intermediates & chemical.
Size : 42"
Capacity : 1000 to 1500kgs/hr
Motor : 100HPx1440RPM 3PHASE.
Application : Minerals, Chemical, Coal and insecticide Chemicals.
Mesh : 100 to 300 (Depends on material)
PVS 32" Pulveriser Machine
Size : 32"
Availability : Standard and broad chambe
Capacity : 500kgs to 1000kgs/hr.
Motor : 60HPx1440R.P.M.3 Phase
Application : Chemicals, Foods Colours and Dyes Intermediates
Mesh : 70 to 250 Meshes (Depends on materials)
A pulverizer (otherwise called processor or grinder) is a mechanical gadget for the granulating of a wide range of sorts of materials. For instance, a pulverizer plant is utilized to pound coal for ignition in the steam-producing heaters of fossil fuel control plants. There are numerous Pulveriser Manufacturers in India. However, we deliver innovation at an affordable cost. Pre-sales and Post-Sales services are also adequately taken care of by our expert team. Coal pulverizers might be grouped by speed as high speed pulverizers, medium speed pulverizers or low speed pulverizers. A ball factory is a pulverizer that comprises of a flat turning chamber, up to three measurements long, containing a charge of tumbling or falling steel balls, stones, or poles. A tube plant is a rotating barrel of up to five breadths long utilized for fine pummeling of metal, shake, and other such materials; the material, blended with water, is sustained into the chamber from one end, and goes out the flip side as a slurry. Both sorts of plant incorporate liners that ensure the tube shaped structure of the plant from wear. In this manner the primary wear parts in these factories are the balls themselves, and the liners. The balls are basically "expended" by the wear procedure and must be re-supplied, while the liners must be intermittently supplanted. 

The ball and tube factories are low-speed machines that crush the coal with steel balls in a pivoting level barrel. Because of its shape, it is known as a tube process and because of utilization of granulating balls for pulverizing, it is known as a ball process, or from both the terms in may also be known as a ball tube process plant. If you are looking for similar material, then you are on the website of the best Pulveriser Manufacturers in India. The crushing in the ball and tube plant is created by the pivoting amount of steel balls by their fall and lift because of tube turn. The ball charge may involve 33% to half of the aggregate inside volume of the shell. The noteworthy element consolidated in the BBD factories is its twofold end operation, every end taking into account one rise of a heater. The framework encouraged section of crude coal and exit of pounded fuel from same end at the same time. This provides support in decreasing the quantity of establishments per unit. (Pulveriser Manufacturers in India, Pulveriser Exporter in India, Pulveriser Manufacturer in India, Pulveriser supplier in India, Impex Pulveriser Manufacturers in India, Impex, Pulveriser, Manufacturers, India, Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

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